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The Wolf's Ultimate Garth Brooks Playlist is Here!

April 18, 2019

"Papa Loved Mama"


Amy - I grew up listening to that old country music, songs full of stories - many of those stories about truckers! This one felt like an instant classic the first time I heard it. Plus it kind of sounds like he says "Papa's in Depends" (it's actually "Papa's in the pen.") so there's a little bit of humor in this otherwise murderous song!


"Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

Toni-Marie - I was about ten years old when this song and Garth hit the Country music scene.  Prior to this, I was all about pop music, especially NKOTB, but I can remember riding home from school one day in the backseat and my Mom had on the local country station. I wasn’t even paying attention until the opening notes of this song started and it was like something in my heart “woke up”.  Looking back, this is the first song that I can honestly say I felt all the way to my soul and thus my love for Garth and Country radio was born. 


"Good Ride Cowboy"

Erin - The first time I had the pleasure of interviewing Garth Brooks it was at the 2005 CMA’s in NYC when Garth performed that song as a tribute to the late Chris LeDoux in Times Square.  It was a great moment for country music and a highlight of my career.



Tim - This is just a great country ballad. My wife and I crank this one up and have a dance on a Friday night at home.


"The Dance" 

Toni-Marie - We all have a story about this one, probably a lot more than one.  This song is timeless because no matter where you are in your life, you can always look back and relate it to where you’ve been and look at how far you’ve come AND look forward to where you are headed.

Amy - It's hard to think of songs that can help people feel better when they lose someone, but this one is perfect for that. it's interesting because I'm pretty sure it's a break-up song, but it fits so perfectly with how people feel when someone dies. We've played this many, many times over the years for people struggling with loss and it's always a tearjerker live!



Erin - Not only is it an amazing Garth song, but I got to see him open and close out the world’s biggest rodeo, Rodeo Houston, last year.   


"Thunder Rolls" 

Tim -  A groundbreaking song. Garth told the story with the lyrics and the music. It was very powerful. Did you know it almost didn't make the album?