Coffey Anderson says Netflix already discussing 'Country Ever After' season 2: 'They want to talk'

It all started with a viral video

November 19, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images


Country Ever After debuted on Netflix on November 6, but the road to its premiere starts on Facebook.

Independent Country artist Coffey Anderson posted a video asking his wife what y-e-s spells. Her response immediately made the video go viral garnering over 57 million video views.

With Anderson as a Country musician and his wife Criscilla as a Hip Hop dancer, it could easily be thought there’d be some conflict there. That couldn’t be further from the truth, something that Anderson tells RADIO.COM’s Gunner & Cheyenne, “it works because we decided to love who we are and not who we wanted each other to be.”

In his viral video, he said “any reality show companies out there, we need our own reality show. Call me.” He wound up getting a call from Alex Baskin, who was behind The Real Housewives of Orange County, and ended up getting a meeting with him.

After telling Baskin that he wanted to “make a family friendly show where we’re fighting for each other, not with each other,” Anderson received the following response. “Mr. Anderson, I want to make a show that my mother would want to watch.”

As for a potential second season? It’s currently being discussed. Anderson said he had a conference call with Netflix to discuss the analytics of the show. “It typically doesn’t happen this fast, but they want to talk,” he said. “Even if it doesn’t [work out], how cool is it to have Country Ever After on Netflix, which is this home video produced by the best in the game for our family to last forever?” Anderson added.

While Anderson is still hopeful the success of the show will lead to a signing by a major label, he’s happy with the current course of his career. “I love being able to go to county fairs and 6,000 people show up and they know every word,” he said.

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