Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard reveals why he unfollowed Brian Kelley during the election

'Brothers don't always get along'

November 20, 2020

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It's no secret that our relationships with those closest to us have faced unprecedented strain due to political division over the last few years. With liberal and conservative-leaning thinkers both sharing the view that their beliefs are in danger of eradication, room for discussion and understanding between the two sides has been quite limited.

Compounded with fierce debates over health restrictions and mask-wearing since the beginning of 2020, it's safe to say there have been quite a few break-ups and lost friendships along the way.

Despite what you may have assumed based on recent social media activity, Country stars Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line are not among those on the outs.

Following a series of posts and comments from Kelly and Hubbard encouraging their fans to vote earlier this month, as well as Hubbard's wife Hayley's post in support of Biden/Harris and Kelley correcting a fan about his own vote, fans noticed something odd. Tyler unfollowed Brian on Instagram.

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Speaking on the Exit 209 with Storme Warren show, Tyler and Brian who have been in a working relationship together since 2012, explained the situation.

"Somebody sent me an article two days ago that me and BK were breaking up and I thought, 'Well, that's news to me.' I unfollowed BK for a few days while we were through this political... in the middle of this election and everything going on," says Hubbard. "I even called him and told him, I said, 'Hey buddy, I love you. And I love you a lot more in real life than on your stories right now. So that's why I'm unfollowing you. Nothing personal. I still love you. You're still my brother.' I just didn't want to see it every time I opened Instagram. And so it wasn't a big deal."

Kelley agreed saying, "We were literally on a call yesterday, just showing up the last details of our record and working on getting some touring cities out here soon and a couple of announcements, but that came through in the middle of our team call and we're just like, 'Well, that's interesting we are on a phone call together right now talking about the future.' So pretty interesting."

Regarding keeping the peace, they both joked, "I might unfollow BK again tomorrow just to keep the media talking about it," said Tyler. Brian doubled down saying, "we are going to go full WWE on this thing."

Over their ten-year relationship, Hubbard admits it hasn't all been "sugar-coated" between the two songwriters, but through therapy and hard work they have managed to keep their friendship through troubled times.

"The truth is, and I think this is important to talk about, me and BK have done work. We've sat with each other and wanted to kill each other at times. But by the end of it, we were hugging it out. You know what I mean? Because we're brothers and that's what brothers do. And brothers don't always get along," Hubbard explained.

"We've had moments where we want to kill each other, but a lot of it's out of love. We put that first and foremost and we know the importance of our relationship and how much love we have for each other. Over the years, we've worked to become stronger and stronger and stronger, and that's even through the hard times, it's made us stronger as friends and brothers and partners. So we're really thankful for it," he added.

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