‘Get Your Mask On’: Firefighter parodies country song to promote public safety, brighten spirits amid COVID-19 pandemic

September 28, 2020

Photo credit Naperville Fire Department


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A Chicago ares firefighter found a creative way to tell residents ‘Get Your Mask On’.

You may have heard Florida Georgia Line's song 'Get Your Shine On', but one Naperville firefighter and paramedic has a different version.

Billy Croft wrote 'Get Your Mask On' as a way to promote public safety and bring a little humor to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We all should be advocating for everybody’s safety and that’s why we’re here, particularly to help the community that we serve and this is just part of it,” he said.

Croft, who moonlights as a country music singer, wrote lyrics including everything from going to the grocery store, “pray to God they have TP” to proper sanitizing techniques, “sanitizer smelling so strong, wash your hands to the bone.”

Croft hopes to bring awareness to coronavirus best practices with a touch of humor.

“Life is stressful enough, and this job can be extremely stressful so I've always looked at the glass half full and using humor to make somebody smile, that’s sometimes the best medicine,” he said.

The song is featured on the Naperville Fire Department's Facebook page.

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