Luke Bryan's wife in a walking boot after a tussle on the family farm

'Gotta be tough when you’re stupid!'

November 19, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images


It's like Wild Kingdom over at the Bryan Farm!

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline needs to be a bit more careful when hanging around the family farm. Earlier this year, she was injured by a turkey named Al on their property and it seems her bad luck has repeated, and now includes their poor dog, Boss.

Caroline recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a boot on her right leg. In the pic she’s holding Boss, who has one of those completely embarrassing satellite dish cones on his head, and the most dejected look on his face.

"Boot & Cone. We both needed the infirmary today," Caroline captioned the snap. "Gotta be tough when you’re stupid!"

"Boss got into a fight with a cat, I got into a fight with myself. We both lost," Caroline explained in the comments after receiving well wishes from fans, and a couple of funny jabs.

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Her husband Luke commented, "Damn. I leave for idol and everyone gets hurt," while former Reba co-star Melissa Peterman proposed a new television show based on their ordeal.

"'Boot & Cone' coming this summer to NBC," she wrote. "They didn't want to be partners, but together crime doesn't have a chance. He lives for the chase, and she has the thumbs for paperwork."

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