Happy Birthday, Garth Brooks! A Ranking of Our Favorite Albums

From his self-titled debut to his post-retirement LPs

February 7, 2020

Nobody does it like Garth Brooks. From the sold out stadiums to dive bars across the country, the singer is a music Icon and he has got the numbers to prove it. Forget platinum plaques, Brooks is the only artist ever to release 7 certified diamond albums, besting a little band called The Beatles who have 6 to their name. He has won Entertainer of the Year more times than any other Country star, he’s a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and he’s one of the best-selling artists of all-time.

The trick to it all is the songs. Garth Brooks has the songs, 30 years’ worth of songs that have been the soundtrack to lives far beyond the borders of Country music. He spans genres and generations, and plays them all like they are brand new. With an unmatched live show and a heart that seems to glow through every note, nobody does it like Garth Brooks.

In honor of Brooks turning 58 on February 7, we thought we would look back at Garth Brooks’ amazing career and the albums that made it. We’ll leave the Christmas albums for another time, and we’ve already shown all our appreciation for Chris Gaines. We could also debate all day over live albums alone, so we’ll stick to these non-seasonal, 100 percent studio, no alter-ego albums from the one and only Garth Brooks. From a self-titled debut packed with hits to his latest steps forward as an artist, this is our ranking of our favorite Garth Brooks albums of all time.