Thomas Rhett Reminds Fans To Help Support Those In Need

'There's no more income coming in'

August 31, 2020

It may be hard to believe, but if you think of everything we've been through in the past six months, the has been one song that truly defines this crazy moment in time -- Thomas Rhett's "Be A Light."

Speaking with RADIO.COM's Kelly Ford at New York's Country 94.7 this morning, Thomas wanted to thank Kelly and everyone who was involved with spreading the word about the meaning, and charitable cause behind the song, which features some of the biggest names in Country music, while reminding everyone that we're not through this yet and there are people out there that need a hand.

The collaborative single, which features Chris TomlinReba McEntireKeith Urban, and Lady A's Hillary Scott was released in support of the crews and workers who bring everything together behind the scenes to make a concert of theirs really come to life. Every stream and download goes to support MusiCares COVid-19 Relief which is diverting funds to those in the music industry currently struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 health crisis as venues remain shut.

While acknowledging that most people only see the final product, "there's just so many people that you would never know are doing anything at a show," Thomas explains the intricacies and the people that work hard to make that happen.

"I'm the one technically getting up there and playing the songs and all that kind of mess, but without our video techs and without our guitar techs, and without people doing sound and people doing lights, you just don't get to see the same show that you would if they weren't there. And they're struggling really bad. I know a lot of people are struggling, but touring is their 100% main source of income, and when that's stripped away from them there's no more income coming in.

"MusiCares has done such a great job donating to families in the band and touring industry that are really suffering to pay the mortgage or even buy groceries at that matter. Anytime you guys spin the song, I know it just feels like hitting a button, but hitting that button means someone else gets to pay their mortgage that month. It's super-important to me and it's heavy on my heart... it's a very important song."

It certainly helps that Thomas was able to get some of the genre's most beloved singers to contribute to the track, and Thomas knew going in that once he had Reba, the rest would come along for the ride.

"If you hear that Reba's on the song and you say 'no' to that, we're probably not friends any longer," he says jokingly.

Thomas has been at home with his wife, Lauren, and their ever-growing family throughout the lockdown, and he says he's feeling good about the quality time. "With all the crazy stuff happening, I have been able to bond with my kids more than I ever have and I've gotten to bond with my wife more too so there's definitely a lot of silver linings through this crazy process."

"Be A Light" is available everywhere now.

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