Have You Heard Zac Brown's New Song? Or Watched The Video?

Zac Brown's New Solo Project Is Different Than You Might Expect

December 6, 2019

Zac Brown has a new solo project that he's been working on and it's not the Zac Brown you might be used to.  A couple of years ago Zac had different solo project that he introduced called "Sir Rosevelt."  Think of it kinda like a alter ego project.  Remember back when Garth Brooks did the whole Chris Gaines thing? It's like that. However this time, Zac is sticking with his real name and just taking the music in a different direction.  

The new album is called The Controversy and it displays Zac's pop music appreciation.  He released a parody video for the song, Swayze, and it's nothing short of interesting.  At first you might think it's Zac dressed up as an 80's aerobic instructor.  However, it's actually reality TV star of Naked and Afraid, Jake Nodar.  It's definitely worth a watch.