WATCH: Nascar Drivers And Crew Show Support For Bubba Wallace

June 23, 2020
Bubba Wallace

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NASCAR drivers and crews show their support for Bubba Wallace after a noose was found in his garage on Sunday.   

Bubba Wallace who drives for the Richard Petty team, is the only African-American driver in NASCAR. After the recent deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, many have been protesting to end systemic racism and the symbols that have been used over the years.  The Confederate flag has long been a staple at NASCAR races and in the wake of the current events, NASCAR banned the Confederate flag at any event.  

Bubba recently spoke out in support of the NASCAR decision on Good Morning America.  Stating that the "Confederate flag may mean heritage to most, but to a group that's a lot of pain right now (the African American community), that's a symbol of hate."  Bubba also wore shirt with the words "I Can't Breathe" and had his car displaying #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Bubba's fellow drivers at this weekend's race at Talladega showed their support after the noose was found hanging in Bubba's garage.  The FBI is currently investigating and the President of NASCAR says that when they find out who the individual is that they will banned for life.