Share Your Salary

Mike & Amy Show Feature

May 8, 2019

We all want to know what everyone else makes for a living, but it's never okay to ask... until now!

We're playing "Share Your Salary" weekday mornings at 6:10 am. One Wolf volunteer calls in so we can ask them one minute of questions about their job. Mike and Amy each guess what they think the person makes. The listener reveals their salary and whomever guesses closest wins the day!

Check out these salaries:

Roofer - $47K

911 Operator - $77K before OT

Gas Station Attendant - $24K

Harry Potter Fan Site Maketing Manager - $0

Frito Lay Driver - $74K

Butcher - $42K

Special Needs Bus Driver - $34K

Don't see your job or just want to share your salary? We would love to hear from you! Submit your information below and we will get in touch.