Is your doggie afraid of fireworks?

June 27, 2016

It is not uncommon for your pets to run for the hills over the Fourth of July weekend. The loud noises can sometimes be too much for them & they end up jumping fences to make their great escape.

There are lots of ways to keep them safe & sound. First keep them in the house, if possible. Maybe leave the radio on :-)

If they are not accustom to the sights & sounds, don't bring them to the gathering, if there are going to be fireworks.

Have you heard of "Relax My Dog" on YouTube? It is anti-anxiety music for your dogs. Your doggy may enjoy it. May work for cats, fish, & other pets, too.

Your local Humane Society receives lots of calls on strays & runaways over the Fourth. Make sure you check with them if your pet goes missing.

Be safe & have fun this weekend!