Birthday Burn - T-Ball

Monday, April 10th

On today's Birthdy Burn, Mike and Amy have some interesting ideas for Dennis about how to spice up youth T-Ball games. Jack in the Boxes, trap doors, and taco meat all play an important role in today's call. Take a listen!


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Can hunt and he actually X you Baruch College. And it I mean and he loved. And it eat just logged say it and you're really out of the prank phone call since you know I gotta get him kind of how I got to do it. OK so his birthday is on the way and his name is Dennis and where I I I do have an idea we without the subtle bit in advance so I'm gonna call him. Paying income will need you at the end okay. Okay and I can't wait a black kids. Yeah. Hello hello Dennis this is Marty Collins from the tee ball boosters club. What are my wife and I were talking the other day about some of the the low attendance we've been experiencing the last couple years at the T ball games. And so we were kicking around some promotional ideas you know theme nights things we can do at the games. To give people little bit more excited and maybe give the kids more of of an audience you don't mean. At that people wouldn't write like you don't get get some butts in the seats why can't we do that why can't we make it more of a show. Well I think they're compare likes earning year old kid so I don't think you can really make a show with kids. Was asked me like you're fighting and is it. What you don't your I don't know I don't know why I'm out of anything for the lead you to I don't think you can make like a spectacular like I don't know I don't wanna try to do your business but I. I'm not. Here's an idea instead of taco Tuesday for food we do. Taco meat night and it's just an ice cream scoop with heaping mounds of taco meat I don't Leo right into the like up a Bagger paper play we've got a heck with it has dropped right into their mouse when they're locked in through I think that's disgusting and I don't think that would work I don't think it's appropriate kids sitting. Pro who night governor isn't throwing taco meat they're eating talk on the how do you think they would react if every once in awhile and you never know when. I giant Jack in the Box pops up at a home plate just expect a rattle their covenant for and boomed areas you know. Now my wife wanted to use that model it after the clown from Stephen king's it. And maybe it's got to get an inflatable butcher knife you know popping up and down McGrath I. But do a little bit. Probably not approved about when they hit the tee ball every once well like every fifth ball it explodes into a rainbow of colors just powdery dust everywhere. What about this. We give up prize for the best bench clearing brawl from the parents like you now are all into it and then we encouraged like hockey like we encourage fist fights to break Alec may be in the seventh inning just come on out there. They Teradata aren't we give a prize except maybe they can take on the rest of the taco metre something and usher. Not a you know I think your your your idea of conduct a mock my views on our repeated I think that's a little bit of tropea Terex OK it's fighting the pinball game so I'm really gas that you're going to be name on the trap door at third base when he I buy I thought I don't open your eyes it would be interesting I mean the parents yeah would never know what was coming and more portly neither with the kids. I I don't I'm not I never met you but I'm of these ideas are a little bit crazy. And I opened their program for little kids and a trap door for a third base just so open. So okay so that we backed off the trap door middle we focus more like a hunger games' theme. And less of an trap door Stephen King I don't think now what about how being like birthday parties like midi for you at at the games are. I know your birthdays coming up I was told little bird told me. And I suddenly you know a great way to get you on the phone on the Mike and Amy show with your wife listening and a cranky with a birthday Bernadette had a good idea. That's why that's funny I you know I think my tee ball coach is here I go like I hate period grassy there. I'm here. There. Yes laughing at her over to Dennis me is trying to get on a good note on these are you okay. How are I am I'm good I'm more relieved than none at gala perhaps or do you think it generous coupe of taco meat might make you better. Another birthday burn which might get. I know I mean I. I still rules.