Birthday Burn - Back Fat

Wednesday, May 17th

Have you ever wondered what they do with fat after removing it? Would you want is back? Joe's wife recently went under the knife and Mike and Amy have some suggestions for what to do with the excess fat. Take a listen to find out what sort of creative gifts they'll recommend for him!


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I get locked in a bunch of weight. Not the natural way I ask I I get light out. Are you did. Will that some do it we did OK was that aren't I let curry. Hit the top. It's radio's own Evernote right. Leila congratulations and I'm glad you're feeling better so so what are you wanna do for his birthday on what kind of what does that do with a prank. I don't know I thought maybe you can do something that I used at surgery. Well I have an idea and it is. So discussing the I'm kind of shocked I thought of it is yet his number. Yeah I have a ring here and what's his name yeah okay Joseph. It. As this joke. Yeah I felt my name's Robert I'm colony from the heartland clinic. OK we're a parent company of the facility where your wife had a recent fat reduction procedure performed. Yeah around. The reason I'm calling you Joseph is because we've been trying to reached the knees for the past week or so and she left your number is emergency contact us so we thought we try to get older view. Okay and there would throats raw everything okay. You know everything's fine procedure spray but what happens after these procedures is a lot of our clients are given the option of keeping that the fat. That that we removed. That it pretty aware. There anyway Khatami in touch with Denise I feel like it be better if I spoke with her about the SI I think she probably taken more seriously. Well I mean doesn't this this is version had a thing don't you guys. Have heard god. Sir like I said I've tried to reach for several times and was unable to richer but I did have you is an emergency. I number and so we've got and we got it ended in the freezer here at the clinic and what can I talk about the not it's amazing what we can do. With faster really nifty way of women who have made jewelry out of their own fat no daddy here we have women. Who have used the sat as a facial Moly and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles yes we actually do have some personalized container options. For an extra cost to should be entered in that. I don't think my weapons have been any interest in having. Her. If you remove bad and you ground. You can keep the extra fat in in a Tupperware like a hillbilly or you can put the extra fat. In a decorative gold lined container and haven't adorn your mantle for years to come. I know I don't think my wife has any interest at all in May and then. It's also right there I had a hang around. I would rather have her speak for herself in Cuba the staff that was such a candidate should not gonna want it back do you have an anniversary coming up. A couple of months and why not give against and sat. You know what I just said she would you get to have it taken away who in their right mind would want to have their fat delivered to love. We had a lady just the other day. She wanted her the fact that we took out of her molded and dried into a pet bed so that her cat could sleep on her fat. We call that we don't know a cat in the fat. The special taxes to particularly at a state judge Denise Denise tell me are you there Denise. Latvian my backhand. Well. And yeah. And it's it's my name is. A fat fatty birthdays so it's it's it's. Oh my. It's my game this sixth birthday purposes but most absurd thing I've ever. It's my can any birthday burn Joe's sorry man I'm I know. I'd say you've got to meet and I knew I was still open your team wasn't he wasn't sure why did you want Arafat back. Or her back that. We got to get Johnny cat that would be me so let's look at it was up. My. Now they're birthdays burn which might get a. I'm nineteen and I don't wolf.