Wednesday, May 17th


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Why for a whole what's colonized Juli is on the found her husband's birthday is coming up she must pass to prank. To prank him yet what's going ideally. My husband thinks that girl at our local coffee shop is he I mean it's very and it set. By the I sort of made fun of them for it but there's nothing going on in all like you don't he just hung out now are now at note. I have a totally twisted idea on how we can Franken now do you. Larry you actually reach out to a Sammy yeah very soon in her moment of birth they cranking need I. Guide where there. Do we can due to bring you guys as relationship. I got his name I got the name of the coffee join our area. Hello I am I speak with Phil please get me out. Fill out my name is Carl wrath flirt and I work over at. Danny's copy the you know the kiosk okay yeah this year you might be familiar with one of our employees name is Sarah. I believe I believe you you've been in before I knew you had a friendly relationship with with her. I mean she can move my copy what we're going sometimes. Right they're really not know her are essentially you're saying why don't know her very well you don't have. No 100 that you work. Look I'm I'm call. Because we have to let Sarah go yesterday because we felt that her relationship with you. Had gotten ahold had become inappropriate. We found in her locker at work that the entire inside of her locker had been covered. With photographs that she'd apparently taken secretly with her cell phone every time you would come in the whole Lotta. A view. I don't know anything about that I have no. In many cases may cases she'd apparently taking her lipstick and drawn big hearts around your face on several of the photos inside her locker out work. Are okay and when I asked her about this point blank she said that I should call you she told you all that is correct sir and that is why am calling you because. I don't know I don't know I don't know why she would tell you to call me I had barely attract a disparate and I don't know a lot of like I should have a lock of your apparently your hair taped up on the wall in the in the locker which we also found. I don't. I don't know why it can't be shocked would call me about it I I don't know this present she hated me on my lock it like every day. That's really be then that my relationship what are in your telling it. She have put a lot of my hair in her I have knowing what. My hair I don't know whose hair it is but it's like next year picture sides seem to jurors or. I don't know what she doesn't re issued level apparently she goes she goes around snipping off locks of hair when you're not looking to turn and that's what she doesn't pretend I ignored yeah she got Obama says on time over to print out pictures of you from her cellphone to I don't know what she doesn't urged reader free Taj is a lot more free time now. What color is your here. I I have dark brown here that are what you are hang on I think as a buddy here who can help us with this Julie are you there. Like yeah I'm right here yet have any idea how this error got a hold of a lock of hair from your husband's top jobs and no. Did any idea while these pictures of him that are up on the locker in series. Office there. Our coverage lipstick and on your cropped out of every one of the Missouri we have I don't happened. Yeah period right now yeah this might they be over tonight that by the wolf and that. Your birth thank you heard this kind of this'll tell my birthday burned so there you go. Well you know. Yeah you February day. Sarah says you can command on your birthday and get a free small coffee and a haircut. I I am still confused it's. Another birthday burn which might get. I'm 99 I still rules.