Birthday Burn - Mustache

Friday, June 23rd


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They were ordered. Not much are due to birthday burned for your wife and Amy's got the scuttlebutt here and you really don't hear. We guys have a daughter right how is she can't Q 1111. I can any Zoe and so I needed just be another mom at school. And just gonna set up kind of an awkward thing where I'm just calling like because it so he's been saying stuff to my daughter okay. For your daughter is seventeen and thought oh my imaginary god for the purpose yeah bring phone call you have colonial about what should my imaginary daughters name being. Larry. That I'm given LA. Avery Avery Avery OK says Nelly and Avery are right OK let's get Tonya the birth bigger winners or birthday is it actually today or tomorrow. I. Hi this is Clarissa I'm a mom had so he's gone Avery is mom actually think we met before armed I don't. So it's an a minus Clarissa my daughter's Avery and she's in the same class is no week. ROR. Yeah and I'm calling out because it's so funny I guess zillion Avery talk a lot give a second. Armed yeah. Okay they actually okay I'm in Jolene Avery talk a lot and I guess sound like so he talks a lot about you to Avery and one of the things that she says all the time she's also making jokes about your mustache. I know it's. It's silly right and so I just are thought oh hah hah ha. But she I guess makes a lot of wisecracks about it about your mustache and the. When I'm sorry Ed I don't know what you're talking about what. She tells Avery all the time all about it. About Myanmar cash and here's the weird part because I have can be console him for a company. And we have this incredible product. It's called the lady stashed zapper and it is so awesome and so was just this really weird coincidence that for some reason is that we just keeps making all these comments this I thought. Well here's an opportunity for me just you know call up Tonya and say. One Tarek and it's really at inappropriate and I don't have a math and I'm not touched up. No you know also I used to say it's yeah I'd like don't talk to me that on anyone I think about it and I hope it's weird I just so used to talking about it I'm like it let's just get right down to it. I'm sorry I don't know much that everyone in some limits on our like self conscious about I mean clearly she keeps making jokes. I mean I definitely waxed what I do happen to all of us wax. Op opt out. A. Hi guys I'm sorry it's like your cable commander. Remarked ash. Aaron to. I don't know what are your daughter calls you Tom Seligman and I don't even know why she knows who Tom Celek is frankly because she's eleven I don't know I. My daughter. Net income that Sony is look I got here it provider and us on now to get wildly inappropriate. I totally understand the listen there's one more deal I wanna tell you that my daughter our thank you and I know there's one more deal I tell you about it's a special birthday deal that we have going on. I'm and it's only for people whose birthday tomorrow you are and you're are ill and part of the thing about the ridiculous is that we get Mikey Amy from nine and I tried to look to call you up and make up something completely ridiculous and called burn they burn. I Tonya. Scenario cough and your husband Jeff is on the phone he put us up to that we try to talk him out of it cook up a putt for sure have. You've I don't bribery or not go up double dog you're malaria. Cut what where. They've earned. Day has just told us aren't I don't remember great. And knowing you were you are absolutely remember I was biting my age my I felt like you got your little defense of their Tanya means. Are not Ebert they tell you thanks Jeff they guys. Another birthday burn which might get. I'm 99. I still rules.