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Friday, September 29th


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OK lots of different opinions on the edge Donald Trump vs the NFL story that you're hearing nothing about. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger regrets his team's decision to stay off the field after that until after the National Anthem on Sunday released a statement on its website yesterday saying. The idea as the unified as a team. With so much attention is paid to things dividing our country but I wish we approached it differently first they don't believe the infamous ever the time to make any type of protesters Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers. Alejandro village where value of this is the one Steelers player who came out of the total stands for the National Anthem. By the way United States veteran would it would be sort of referring me with some of us that he served three tours in Afghanistan. Iraq. So that adds another layer to how he might feel or whatever I mean he didn't wanna come out on the turns I didn't wanna actually come out all the way. He was standing outta steam are not coming up to the after but he didn't wanna see the flag for his hand over his own private way. Yeah and her into a big apology about how turnout Kennedy came on a little too far he couldn't quite see the flags every time he's taken. A stand against this team and wasn't so it's a complicated. Michael Jordan joined the fight between tropical say where's she should quote those who exercise the right peacefully express themselves should not be demonized or ostracized. Because this sport mr. Adam silver the NBA it's players and all those who wish to exercise their right to free speech. President trump thought he had NASCAR decide one notable exception you mentioned this yesterday any Dale Earnhardt junior. Yeah he's saying he believes in peaceful protest and he gave a quote from JFK so he's are going against what NASCAR rolled which is that everybody must stand for the. Via Internet is hammering Donald Trump because of 2013 Donald Trump said the president had more important things to do. Then dealing with the NFL. And telling the NFL what to deal. Will present us. President Obama said the Redskins change their name back in 2013 and Donald Donald shot hammered him back then and reverence hammering him now. Feet two weeks so much that no matter what's going on you can always find an old sweep that it has to deal with that. Right crazy LeBron James does not regret calling trump a bomb. And finally Tom Brady weighed in on the radio show yesterday we know that Tom Brady. And trump are apparently friends yeah this is way Brady had to say about trump statement about the NFL and players who protest. I certainly disagree with you know what he said him and you know but it was just divisive and I'm never one that says oh that's wrong that's writer that's. But I do believe what I believe him and I believe I'm bringing people together and respect and so my great friends there from Gainesville Florida you know. And Virginia it you know New York on hand Colorado Texas. Who was eating in other states all fifty states have. Alabama. Allow guests in Arizona but the fact that he's here to your comment is fake Donald Trump. Spirited seeing. I think Donald. Good return very good with this pie you agree to disagree disagree please go to this great event. Well OK okay with all the good things yeah what has given the fact that they can't push kind of beautiful Florida as well. Food predicated. To Virginia. I refuse. To work for the fifth civility and a pilgrim filling you work on hand good for our country. And maybe 99 times no war.