Tim Taylor

M-F 2p-7p

Tim Taylor is often confused with Tim Allen's character on the television sitcom Home Improvement, but in name only. Tim is a Pacific Northwest native and chances are, if you've lived in Portland very long, and were anywhere near a radio, his voice has been a part of your life. His love of radio started when he was a kid. He'd take his Mr. Microphone (remember those?) and create his own radio shows. And now that childhood dream and enthusiasm for creating fun shows is a part of his afternoon program on The Wolf!

Tim is a witty, caring, fun-loving guy with a passion for living. From riding his motorcycle on those rare sunny days to cooking, being outdoors and playing guitar. He's no Brad Paisley, but he can hold his own when it comes to picking a guitar. His favorite things to do however are spending time with his son Jordan and hanging out with his family and close friends. If Tim's around, laughter is sure to follow.

Tim is the voice of the afternoon show on The Wolf, where he plays the most music and brings his brand of fun. Tim would love to hear from you! Call 503-733-WOLF and be a part of the show. Tim is standing by… with his Mr. Microphone.

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