Arnold & Trump.mp3

Friday, January 6th

Mike & Amy interview fake Arnold and fake Donald about the ratings on The New Apprentice.


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Okay Saudi apprentice is back and Arnold Schwarzenegger is the host Donald Trump who is now our president person will be used to be the host. And so they're gone back and forth and Twitter arguing over who had the best ratings. Yeah he'd Donald champ treated this wow the ratings and are outstretched Nader got swamped or destroyed by comparison to the ratings machine TJT that's. Don't you term yeah what does Arnold sent. Arnold as. Fired back and said there's nothing more important than the people's work Donald Trump I wish you the best of luck and I hope it works for all American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings. You have Jake Arnold and face Donald on the phone right now ladies oh my gosh I hasher to hash tag this out. Hello to. Who think you could be a big article today guess I think most anything is being paid Derek and now. See guys having a Twitter battle what is going nine. As they discussed what I would go to the players their ratings were. All of those theories of their enthusiastic. Just because I didn't have to be omitted dot mcdonalds if you let the opposition party group technical seem to have additional law. The liquidation of debt but he could interview with and I said he would have been out but I feel go to Korea I think guys just petition didn't that would have blockbusters well enough kind of movies like you'll have a bit of a blockbuster which could be 82 of the video. We're doing both I've got recruited over the fifth appealed publicly floated off with a back up with a capital meanwhile got into the that is well. That's a good solid all over the issue questions they get about how to because it just between a basically they've run out of us. Just a rabbit out there who face. Oh well.