Monday, June 5th


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Hey we've got to Ashley on the phone to morning actually howry you. Hi good morning and art and yet it's another birthday burn baby Ashley wants to burn her husband rob his birthdays coming up and I was have to ask why are you doing this are you looking for the marriage to end what's happening here. Her apparent. Mountain in the little. Than they knew what took it seriously unlike you know what it looked around at the party what does he do. He worked up about port of Portland. And what does he do and I'm armed government announcement over the loudspeaker like. You know to air at the airport at their car up likely get that the guys pages I've ever real guy that does. Sit back from even get that job I'm yeah. The human and being totally different and then not that I got you back got sick one day a week old and harmony act like it better survey. That's the logo files and doggy dog world of showbiz even at the airport offense that's a puppet. I'll get to got a pretty weird that possibly good idea here whats so let's check this out. Or drop yes hello. Is this Robert all. Your career. Okay my name is coral Bjork and I got your name from your supervisor because I would like to formally lodge a complain about something that I heard you say. On the airport loudspeaker while I was walking with my children I was very offended by what you said rob. Occurring what is it that's all I am not going to repeat it rob. So I'm so. Little girl not. What is that supposed to mean. Not I don't understand why I've heard I I cannot believe that you would save that to be after what I. Men you've got a a nerve rob a start what what what organized how dare you. Rob you just keep on coming don't yet. You just don't know when to go out. I honestly don't know if you do not stop this incessant stream all the offensive remarks I am going to reconnect with your supervisor and I am going to see to it personally. That you're removed from that position. Robert you talked to initially. But all. Did not believe you just that to me. I think there's been a misunderstanding. And I'd just trying to get more relations I know what happened. Draper. And you had them all secretly. You'll come off sir. I have the might become down there. And shock you right and that Cirque. Fella. A group. Talking to me like that. I don't know what I'm not sure if I pay your taxes but I doubt I'd probably do in some. There's probably a jerk my tennis seventy by pay your taxes. I problem. With back Anatolia inspector honest SaaS. If you like to write. A good formal complaint now are entitled to be there it'll just I thought you couldn't say anything more effective February that's. You are oracle could chew your way out of line rob. What out of line ought to talk to your super bugs to be could you please transmitting your supervisor. Yet I can't wait and let. Me up. Yeah. Just ask future absolutely supervisor. You unbelievable. Columnist or do you probably are upset right now she's just. Watching love respect and I will all right that's the and I can't take anymore of is rob. And on your birthday no less. With Jimmy your wife listening on the final. Thank burn your op. I have a report by our effort to do this entrepreneurial. Okay what will cook. And I got was fired barred by a cult like. Oh art art. The happy birthday dirty nappy bag it router. Traffic. Like you need to manipulate me a moment and making it. Possible. That would not cool thing to do ironic. Oh glittery waving. What would have marked coworkers over. From here. You so send out there are up for ash I think have a good man there. He said you don't wait. You know when we started this phone call only Ashley was in love with Robin now I think that goes for all of. And back up okay all right doing good you're projected to grow up. Another birthday burn which might get a. I'm nineteen and I don't wolf.