Birthday Burn - Bald

Wednesday, May 17th

Looking for a hair replacement? Mike and Amy have got you covered! On this edition of Birthday Burns, Brad wants to prank Darcey by convinving her that he's having a crazy hair replacement procedure. Take a listen to find out how it all goes down.


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So Brad she's cool with you being bald. Aaron yeah notes yeah actually have always bit and surprisingly it Saturday. All about it received literally give me any problems. You might occasionally get a little joke in every now and then it goes would keep me grounded. Yeah you know we don't care about that as much as men think they do that's just something I've noticed over the years police were called arson get a good idea based on that on the whole hair last thing okay all right yes aren't semi area. Hi is as Darcy. I'm this this Amy I'm calling from the institute and I've been trying to reach rat and is he your husband does that rank. Okay well I just can't reach him and I just have a few more questions about his procedure and so. I figured you were listed on his intake form I figured you might be able to help me out. Or what what procedure interview. I'm Contra and no we'll look like you're getting getting. I care. This awkward yeah it's it's not quick plugs but it's a very similar to have patented procedure that we do here. This is just a little awkward because I assumed that he would talk to about it. Yeah I know I had no I did not know he even thinking about it. Okay. And well it's I just maybe you can still answer those questions maybe he is gonna get as a surprise for you I don't know maybe yeah. I tore. We're trying to figure out the regions like which regions of the head. He's gonna want to covered because we need to put together an estimate of costs. I need wow I mean you pretty bald so I I assume if you wanna ask. You never mentioned may but if you want to maybe the hole I would've Cox would have. Well if you're talking full baldness and full restoration that's Canada somewhere around the 121000 dollar mark. Well who. Whoa oh. I could you do you get rid getting you know listen out of money. Well if you wanna budget option we have our reuse recycle option when we take care from our laser hair removal program that's unwanted and we put it on the head where it's wanted. It's so that we don't have rights you guys have a pet by any chance. We knew we aren't perfect as he shed. Yeah oh well then you'd look we're talking about a lot of money as you can just harvest. You know from drugs couches whatever yeah. Or anything yet today you know I wouldn't you know this this is my business. You can put a dot Ed dot where are my apartment at if you harvest it properly I mean much better if your dog was a palm marine in I shivered gold then I I can't imagine putting our dog. Bear arms on Brett I mean it's very supple to the touch it's very ME don't pay your dog many times and entitled to it'll be that's income love that you have feet just on your husband's head instead. I'm honestly yeah I'm gonna have to talk to him because I they had no I didn't even thinking about and credible in my mind that all of these options. Okay well I know that he wanted to see you would talk to you anyway today because it's your birthday. And he also want us to talk to because this is Amy from Mike in Amy in the morning and your telling you. Everything burn. A OK I knew god they could not be real all right Bono know it's real this is just Franklin got. Their client of ours actually. We endorse Hillary. Brad how well Brad say Heidi Darcy. Well they can about it I like Q ball let's keep it resident. That and that isn't that nice that's what they need to say and is Amy this and that the women don't don't mind the baldness is that true and do you think Brad sexy just the way is. Back in the early he has not at all banged up popped in the too bad it's about the truck packaging. A lot that extra that goes beyond the twelve grants. Happy birthday Brad Darcy thanks is that this up with Richie has have a great day we appreciate you calling in and listening to the show that's nice thank you gotta Garrett at.