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Tuesday, November 28th

Did you ‘Count on Country’ with us on Giving Tuesday? On November 28, we broadcasted a nation-wide and commercial-free special dedicated to raising awareness and aid for the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund.

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Hey we're big and rich and like our fellow country music artists we spent a lot of time on the road performance all across this great country. From the biggest cities to small town dotted across the map one thing is always true. No matter what is going on in the world. No matter your views of political leanings. But those few hours every night onstage we're all one big family. A family of love and life yes sir a family with a common love of country music. And the way it makes us feel and like any good family. The family of country music is one you can always count in the next hour we're gonna show you how big that family really hits we'll talk to us some about buddies. Some of the everyday heroes selflessly put themselves in harm's way that tragic night and house. Democratic gathered gonna laugh together and most of all we're gonna heal together with the help. Country please that's right this is now on country. On Sunday night October 1. Thousands of people gathered in Vegas for the conclusion of the route 91 harvest of our brother Jason now being had just taken the stage and the audience was. Rocket they were enjoying life not knowing they were about to experience life altering of the so this is where we'll start with the story of how you can always count on one country. To. Over the next few minutes 58 people were killed and more than 500 want. It's unbelievably tragic but that's not what historians. Count on country has the story of everyday heroes and the music that we all lean on in good times and bad. Where big and rich and today on giving Tuesday. We're proud to band together across America on the biggest country radio stations to ask for your help. Please donate now to the Las Vegas victims fine yeah. Leads you were a part of the headlines last night. Hours before the tragedy at the root night festival in Las Vegas. We live this most amazing audience and as saying a lot of one of the greatest all American songs that the unit. But little debate Katie now realize it was that incredible spirit of patriotism. That would set the tone of the hours days and even weeks to follow name. We know that the country music audience or some of the greatest Americans ever we know that you know we still nursing a late night we again we know Don my ears and none of march our careers. But when he sees sounds and as tragic as what happened in Las Vegas you really get to see what people are made up and just have great. Our fans actually our country music has power. We make songs that help celebrate the good. Mend a broken and give hope in an otherwise dark moments. M below cash they're hopeful that there hit a love this life. Shines bright light but there fans with a all the tragedies in the world right now you know he's got to be thankful for life and illegally open credit like. Three and a half minutes of the song called I love this life may be. My cheer they're scared to help put a smile and his mom means everything you know it down and we love those guys too we love okay. We're being enriched and this is count on country. Hey this is Reba McEntire and I think my message of hope that acted give out today is. Put a smile when you face but loving your heart and treat people like you want to be treated. If we have more love peace will follow. Alley said that the secret peace is forgiveness which you gotta have a lot low to forget. Brothers Osborne performed at the vessels. Opening night in Las Vegas and as you can probably imagine have had to learn how to cope with the tragedies aftermath. But according to them. It was the heroism exhibit about everyday people. That pushed the darkness away known as broken Doolittle loans as always someone with enough produce so to appreciate the ones that you love the Lindsay. Missing army veteran tragedy about how many people. Were at bike put their fear to decide. Ever trying to help one another but that is a true sign of how much we met we and his complete strangers it would try to help them. Yard run a story of a guy that that stole a truck this week to pick people the hospital and it felt. And that doesn't mean a true sign of just our love and compassion for one another and I think that ransom for him. You're seeing people get shot last Friday is next here behind you and just trying to run away from the sound and once we got over the fence and held a bunch other people are fences when. I'm my story cannon began and I mean I mean do something and then. Well that's ten or Winston you know he's the marine that made all the headlines after reigniting one tragedy and it was a gathering commandeered a pick up truck. To say Venice sometimes gets to tell wanna miss this amazing story of air wasn't an Italian is dollars in my numbers are banding together because you know why no matter what you can always count on country. Brothers and sisters. We can promise you the spirit of load has never rung louder than right now. As we continue to hear amazing stories of everyday heroes putting their lives on the line to help complete. Strangers. Like everybody Taylor once and man I left him you might have heard about it he's the marine that stole a truck take the injured to safe. So we job. And then joke back towards gunfire and fortunately a lot of other friends and unsung heroes. Has served setting up the makeshift. Medical center in the trying tourniquet since stopping the bleeding in just. Hitting Iran rounded up and pulling everyone from out of the chaos and to the streaker and financial safety point and that's where I was able to pick up and load payments to the brim as many people as possible who were critically injured so Taylor what are you doing now to help people like you that are having to deal. With the aftermath of this tragedy we've raised by nearly over 150000. Dollars collectively. Between all of us. And we're also being mentors groups say. Thomas sessions in San Diego we have an amazing. There this her name's Sheila she's real deal she treats that. 57 than us and our earliest people in the military for trauma for stuff like this and we're fortunate to have earned. Doesn't matter here there or. You know he had somewhere and on time next year arms or anything you hear part of that you're affected there's different kinds of trauma and I'm hoping. Hopefully this time or more people can come talk about it and just start getting together and help each other out this it's far from over. Portion. We're all one big happy family off and no matter what you can always count on country. Today on giving Tuesday for harnessing the power of country radio. Oh yeah them broadcast in the waves across Chicago. All the way to Houston Seattle to Memphis and Detroit to rot gesture San Diego lamb and beyond. To give hope and share country music story of life love redemption and determination today in the amber yes. Here's Thomas rest. Yeah have a couple people actually that are in my organization that word that were there in Vegas my guitar tech his wife was there. Commenting on my crew is actually working for Jason Knight and so. But at home pretty hard I think for everybody in between the community come. And justice is just tough horrible horrible thing. But it's that same community that is resilient. That won't back down and no matter what we'll stand up for what's right. Just days after those 58 fans lost their lives the reigniting one festival in Las Vegas mayor and more stronger spam. Leveraging the power of country music to snuff out the hate that fuels these constant tragedy. And I feel like your hate. Has always resonated with me emotionally having been a songwriter and it's just an emotional song that after eight brandywine and having been at the festival. The night before performing. And it it just struck at the bigger port with me. There's like a lot of that not going your record and I think that was it was because that's on the fingers at that point after they issued in. That's amazing how music in the can speak to people and how music can really can really heal. Oval situation I think it being out now is really special and I've got so many tweets and emails and incident comments about song. Touching people's lives especially after you know. An incident hitting so close to home so I'm glad that your hate can bring a little bit of light people's lives. Love does conquer all. Marion Morse is donating all of the proceeds from her duet with Vince Gill to help those affected. The other route 91 tragedy god bless me and Morris where bin RS and this is count on country. We're celebrating the power or. Of country music this our commercial free all across America not only the power it has to help mend broken hearts for the power has to make a great party even better but the power its fans have to pick up and lend a hand when someone is in the police take a moment today and donate to the Las Vegas victims' fund it just takes a second to help so many right here in our own backyard. Just logon to. That card is being strong for generations. It's what the country last tells all about beginning. So that's why when tragedy strikes. Our impact is considerably greater just ask Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman. At the outpouring of sympathy individual contacts just been phenomenal but the concert that are ongoing or planned for the future. That is just I am I the only thing I wish wars that we can have those 68 back and that we could make sure that anyone who is. That hurt didn't have that issue just. I think it's incomprehensible. To amazed led the way it how in actual lessons. And no big Kenny that's what this show is really all about it's about sharing the impact of country music and the people that hold so dear. To their hearts a member of the John Moore from Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman and just a bit. Plus what is Krstic and expect from country music. On giving Tuesday were celebrating how much country fans give. When the world goes sideways. Were talking with Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman now. About how are big family of fans have banded together to help heal the lives of those affected the other route 91 tracked. You know I think for those who were wounded in the families of those we've lost. Is it it will be a lifetime a lifetime of dealing you never. Can overcome something like this it's just a matter of getting. To a point where you can move on and light and it's just tragic it would template. And there was demonic Kansas in my opinion and it's just it's been a difficult time that I think it's also been inspiring for people because they realize. How everybody in this community and around the country have come to gather. In support ended and that they. Las Vegas is an incredible city that is an associated with what we saw last month. Certainly you're not letting this tragedy redefine you were the people's right. I think you ears. Commentators so one point whereupon did. Throngs of people and we will not see it behind by eight if you who are full of hate and anger these are individual perpetrators. And we just need to know that they don't defines who the United States of America. Is that they do not define who leaked one event is good law hiding caring involved people. Who loved our freedom and love this country they won't knock. Take over who and what we are. This power in country music that's why today were harnessing the power of the biggest cut your radio stations in America. Alongside the biggest artist in country music. To help heal those affected by the senseless tragedy at the route 91 festival in Las Vegas last month. What is your go to song when you've had enough of the drama in this world. Odds are it might be one of Chris Janzen song because his musical mission is very basic I think all the baster to humanity and then when people listen to the radio I know for me personally forgive alive for about three or four minutes and just. Become it and have fun you know so a lot of the times that we are living in right now are depressing and so we distress to be that way which had put a positive attitude with a then. And the so we try to do fix drink and they got its working. You're listening to a very special commercial free broadcast on giving Tuesday. Where bad enriched and this is count on country. Argo before this hour together is over is to provide you with an undeniable hope. And no matter what happens in the news today. We're all one big country damning thing you can always count on. Country music tells America's store and what makes our fans so awesome is their ability to pull together. Here's Garth Brooks. You know the coming together part this is what I love about country music. We live together you know we just to. So would something like this happens when something like Vegas happens what you're gonna see his true character. There's a church sign that I love says. Character is not created in crisis. It is revealed. And I think we just saw country music's character. At its finest and maybe one of our darkest times. So I have all the faith in the world country music its audience for the kids that play country music and for the radio station to spin it. We're damn good family and not feel lucky to be part of this and I feel safe. To be within his family and his family's take care of its own and everybody outside of country music those people who don't like country music he'd take care of them do this we all need. In just a bit we're gonna share a very simple yet all inspiring way captured fans in San Diego came together. To show unity in the days after the tragedy in Las Vegas. Friends we've heard amazing stories of heroism from Taylor once the the marine who put his own life on alive. Commandeered a Chara to rescue injured fans of the route and I want to harvest you know we've also heard from mayor Goodman. Tell us up Vegas well not back down a lot of this stretching. But Howard just everyday people showing their support. I don't welcome that jotted you have in the morning at our youth. We are live an argument he signed Tammy with a way for us to give back to give our hearts in to give our solidarity. For those affected. By the mass shooting in Las Vegas it just hurts me so much that fits the crime and people have to live through. There nightmares fans and the memory thing and just pulling together and help the healing for these victims. Mean the moment are venturing out into a crowd for the first time since they've been back. I'm coming to this event to help spread the love and the peace in the lead to stop this craziness and and in spread peace and love and and it's been such a wonderfully touching morning. Businesses count on the country. I. That night in Las Vegas. Surely equalized both the country fan and the performer John there's not much difference between us now. What we witnessed gonna live all of their everybody in the east deep scars for a long time there's no doubt about that canning that. I'll say this we all have a serious responsibility to our fans and I think mr. live Brian sums up our. Frustrations best. The artists are no different than what hands of the fans and me we all had a piece of our freedom stripped away from us it's so frustrating for me because. I mean come it's come out there playing for the stallions and react and interacting with the young. And went out when I walk off stage I mean so much of much orient lines. Is. Is based on what I just watched fans doing. And that's what you won't you just won't fans to try to. Get back to where they were before this tragedy happened. And you'll never get back to a 100% boy you know Bob I've dealt with a love loss in my family and and I tell people wanna ask day. Is you know you'll never get back to a 100% it'll always you'll always be strives to get back but certainly when it comes to. Love concerts and even outdoor concerts arm. It is just saying that it'll always be there in her mind I guess that's just the world we live in a name. I'm like a lot of us live she is in his music as a way to give hope. In spite of the constant stream of bad news these days I've got up. New song among new album called most people are goods. In Canada up lifts of the good people out there because I believe him are there still is way more good than evil we just. Are seeing a lot of evil these days and I think it's up for the good people to come up. Rallying get motivated to and understand that that there's a human element out there that's that's positive. And not as negative news is these things that we're seeing on the TV. Where big enriched in this is count on country. There's so much more hope on our website right now check out videos of your favorite country artists talking about the songs that help them deal. Incredible stories of heroism and a simple way for you to lend a helping hand the country music family is strong. When our backs are up against the wall we fight harder for the things we love we will not be broke. Ever. Those fifteen minutes were unbelievably. Terrific. The path of recovery is still very long. But you can always count on country is we will not back down to no Brothers we'll. There and we're big and rich thanks for join and is off to remember our Brothers and sister Gloria on love. Not a.