Thursday, May 17th

You've heard about the "Laurel" or "Yanny" debate, but what about "Delicious or "Batallion" take a listen and tell us what you think?

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So the any or laurel debate we talked about yesterday that everyone in the world soccer right yesterday because there's nothing else in the world talk about brushed laurel. Laurel and Lester some dress that might be blur gold somewhere we can chat about her is that the whole thing came from Georgia and a high school student. He should do vocabulary dot com she knew she was clicking on the work laurel. But all she heard was any. That's so wild because I was like who invented this and why now and how. And then a funny on NBA on TNT last night they got Charles Barkley pretty good. Purdue don't think they purposely put the word donut in his earpiece. Please place. Did you hear her vocal problems what he's doing yeah. Do when I heard more hour tomorrow what is your honor I thought I heard Joba. We were just this morning don't look into your career and I found another windows this is not just limited to you anymore all there other words that this happens with it and what you hear when I've played this work right here. Delicious. Delicious. What you hear definitely here delicious and your battalion. It's true listen I'm all I'm hearing is battalions. Delicious. Delicious ice yet you don't hear battalion now. Many people are divided on this in the same way they were with floral and candy let me slow down delicious by 20% to we were here. Troops to now you're delicious pressure promotional Shaq. Cannot let me picture that battalions. Battalions uniter delicious. Point you're not hearing delicious right there. I'm here in delicious narrator this delicious Italian. Battalion. What are you hearing battalion Scientology people get whacked. It's it's another it's a whole other debate. But the pitcher delicious by 200%. We just got everybody out there and then. Solid dog name's Greg did.