Tuesday, October 10th


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It's like any other morning at 995 the wolf any Burke tells me we have to answer this phone call why just just dancing aren't hello Mike in any of that mine. Yes. Keep. A Mikey aria. I mean is this about the money we owe you can talk for a fed the fire marlin a country music festival I know I sent out just to forget that on. I was like well it. Some even better news that you guys are officially. You see an April attack where major market personality are the year. Niekro. And Brett. If that's really exciting. Well even doing this for 49 years and this is the first time we've ever want and now. Really about time we did on this along that we actually used to build it like call you on the phone before you were famous. That's a lot we've been doing honest I. Yet. That's very good at that yeah. The look on my eyes yeah that's always an elitist idea it was so nice to see you this summer at that you are in Brownsville and now this this is really great thank you now. Not elect and a close what do you Wear any. This. Asks Nicole additional Wear because I've never seen her Wear a bad dressed anything I lost a page thank Leo yeah. Did it my social. I don't know I think Nicole Kidman can help me Kyra you know. All right meant. Always got this thing in my are and I got about it's. On many guys out who.