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Friday, September 29th


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Any Garth Brooks is on the phone. And that you thought you were straight from me through it heated election gradually let alone because I don't you know this. But this is your 900 in 1990 millions radio interviews. Yes I was wondering what all the ordered flowers or educated guys can chaos and we're gonna ask you questions you've never been asked before I radio host of studio Bayesian. But it. But look. I really did Q Richard you've never I've never answered before update all right we'll defer to get this'll be just recap what's happening you know a lot going on your congratulations on the CME nomination by the way. Oh thank you very much thank you board members serve but her. You know people say they're good oversight no you don't understand and feel you get the less you get any they'd like this sorted it's actually work where you need to. The tickets for your show in Tacoma it's been a long time for Tacoma so I either let people come from points all around the compass coming to see you on November 4. At taco dominant tickets on sale this Friday at 10 AM at Ticketmaster. Talk about this anthology the F coming out you're set to release part one and a massive five part anthology what what is an anthology that was a big collection of everything you've done. Well it's yeah actually it's a collection of everything we've done that you haven't seen. That's the cool thing about anthologies it's due to bring out all the self control how close together. And what you get if you actually know posted got them not happy. And what I loved as its told by the guys in there as three. Days. And bad bets are low so it's not just be artist streaming out sells this with the guys that played. That lecture that opening guitar lick on entrance loquacious. Now is it's true the rumor that and friends in low places when I guy yelled push marine. It's because his wife was in labor at the time. He was a guitar player so here's Dominic couldn't show this thing on. Not so good there haven't heard eighty right when we're cutting session. Still are a part line of what is sure to be an astounding never before look see into the career of one Garth TR Fallon mule for an hump broke a seventh. That's on sale on November 14. We got some really good questions from our listeners who try to involve our listeners whenever possible because they don't get access team and maybe we do so we have some questions from them. He Kathy asked is why you more than baseball caps and cowboy hats these days what say you Garth Brooks. Unquote luggage again and it allows Jeter to cheat I've won cavalry based okay I'm here I'm a huge baseball not just. Groupon Alberto committee that's my guy do you ever say get off me Garth Brooks yeah. Your clothes I had a bit but it didn't. Look good but hey. You're out of Oklahoma the big red machine it was everything Johnny Bench be it from Oklahoma and down so. It is I've just always worn either Beige Book Africa aren't good answer Amanda any immense got a great question. I love this question because obviously you're Garth Brooks we've probably done a lot of things on other people and not get less so we're talking to revert Oakland. So the Amanda wants to note. What's something that still on your bucket list. Of actually had been officially question that they get and I got traded at 1 PM on Saturday just shows one more day. It says. I'm whatsoever in my life my children are healthy and on their own path and happy. Than ma'am so. I can't figure anything else. I don't wanna do playing music I would do for some reason because the Billy Joel's. Live in Leningrad I'd love to go punish Russia and looked like rock out and I'd love to play Asia have never played terrible or left. We'll be fun music wise to see if there's the music translation put us. I'm really got so much bucket list you're very lucky he entered election date format right now. Earn our. Yeah that's good great answer here's a question from Mike chase of the Mike and Amy shown Portland Oregon. Under a dear dear Garth any chance she would pay my mortgage like you do those people in the audience after shows. But. At the please call mark that's payola and woke up and out of mind though. All right senator the bracket that's that's bad but here's a good one from Nicole what's the funniest sign you've ever seen from the crowd at a show. It's very just happened last week but it cannot I can repeat Lola that it would it would disarm. They wanted to. Obama spirit of what narrative that that you don't want people start to get signs where. You know we don't have their act. Sure body parts for not trying to outdo each other but this one this one definitely. The sort of there if you don't have to report to the HR frame tactic because that's basically let's work let's work for you right have a play where president. Since the fifth at the book but are we when we did what we discussed the financing of my house on another line we you can tell us about decide okay. We're going to be here deleted trader be it graduate moved very complex here okay all right. Okay Garth listen we're so excited it's happening. November 4 Tacoma dome tickets until Friday morning that's tomorrow morning 10 o'clock to access Ticketmaster dot com any anthology which we heard just a little bit about. Is happening November 14 that is part one of the massive five part look see into the F backstage. Never before seen life of mr. Garth. Alan Billy Bob Joseph. Bartholomew little comfort dean Brooks yeah. We're live what makes it I think I'm that we can't wait to see if thanks so much for chatted with this morning is always Garth Brooks ever thought okay. Thank you guys every morning our Ngo. On the Mike Daly show does. 99.