Pair Of Shoes Parody.mp3

Tuesday, January 10th

Parody of Chris Stapleton's "Parachute", this is "Pair Of Shoes" written by Amy Faust.


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What is so. Parachutes. Italian Renaissance to the tune of parachutes were. Or about a night which you in front of the computer a couple of glasses of wine in the bottom parachutes and how does selling same pair of shoes. And he has always say that yeah I have a funny you know there's a song about it right nods that I sit here if you guys are the rain or just have many times. Our take it to the next level yes we actual song that's you must be really I am excited so you wrote this song yet and this woman missing and of course I'm. Okay here it is instead of parachute it's pair of shoes. I'm. Satisfaction guaranteed. We're money will be cheered Lieber. Nine time. John maybe it's. Time for survey says may come.