Put A Little Romance (Arkansas) In Your Valentine's Day

January 31, 2017

Hey guys, thinking about Valentine's Day, yet?  Are you planning to go the standard route?  Chocolate & Roses?  If you are planning on the Roses, get them sooner than later.  Everyday you wait, the price goes up!  

Do you want to show her you put some extra effort into her gift this time around?  The United States Post Office can help.  Really.  You can get your "love letter" post marked from Romance, Arkansas.  You send them your packagae, letter, card, etc & they will handle the rest!  Check it out here.

FYI..the number one thing ladies want for Valentine's Day is sleep.  Yep.  Some down time.  Alone time.  And alllllll of that is FREE!   But, jewels are also nice :-)