Chatting with Blake Shelton

February 25, 2017

Blake Shelton is getting his "Swerve On" across the U.S. this year with some familiar faces from "The Voice".  I had the opportunity to chat with him for a little bit during his "Doing It To Country Songs" Tour about the old days, the new days, the good days & the bad days.  We talked about meeting for the first time in 2001 at a radio station event at a boot store in Tucson AZ.  I worked for a new radio station & he was a new Artist (with a cool mullet) & pretty much no one came to the boot store to see us.  That was then, this is now. 

"The Voice", has turned out to be a huge platform for Blake & Country music.  He represents us well with his knowledge of music, his quick wit & sharp tongue. He is a straight shooter & true to his word, as evidenced by the two "Voice" alums, RaeLynn & Sundance Head, who are out on the road & opening for him this year.  Pretty sure no one saw this coming.  Blake Shelton, super star of a TV show & in a bromance with Adam Levine.  Nope, no one could have scripted this one.

Granted, it has not all been smooth sailing. There have been a few bumps in the road. His marriage took a hit, which opened the door to a relationship with Gwen Stephani.  He spoke of discussing the impending divorce with "The Voice" people during the auditions part of the show, which are recorded.  That meant the show & verbiage had to be in sync with what was down the road in regards to his personal life.  The show would have to match up with real life events as it aired.  As it turned out, co host, Gwen's marriage was also ending.  It gave them a lot to talk about.  Now, he says she saved him.  She says the same thing about him.  They saved each other.  He also says she is HOT.  She says the same thing about him.  I agree with them both. 

Blake loves Country music & his fans.  Sixteen years of performing & belting down untold gallons of adult beverages, when he shows up, you better be ready to have a "Good time", because he is about to throw a party & YOU are on the guest list.

He has a ton of irons in the fire, with touring, a relationship, business ventures & a big ol' TV show, but he is still pretty much the same guy I met in 2001 in that boot store in Tucson.  He says he still dresses the same & loved that mullet (what's not to love?)  What you see is what you get with Blake.  He is open, honest, sincere, sarcastic, charming & funny.  Did I mention handsome?  Oh & tall. He is very tall.