What reminds you of Summertime?

May 17, 2017

What reminds you of Summer.  Playing in the yard?  Trips to the Coast?  I grew up outside Atlanta & remember eating pecans from the ground & picking peaches from trees in the Summer.  

We also went on a Summer Road Trips.  We would pile into the station wagon & drive across the Country to North Dakota to see the grandparents.  Disneyland. The beach, both Coasts. Nashville & the Grand Ol Opry.  Michigan to see more relatives.  Seattle for more of the relatives. Does your family do that?  We camped, we stayed a motels along the highway (nothing fancy), ate a truck stops (grilled cheese & hash browns).  I was the map reader.  Do people still use maps?  

Now I typically stay home for the Summer & travel to see friends & family during the Fall & Winter.  Mostly to sunny destinations & always end with a fruity adult beverage.

Cheers to Summertime.  Are you ready?  Me too!

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