Nick and Kristen in the morning

Ten Minute Tune

Tim Taylor was given a very familiar word to sing about in this morning 10 Minute Tune.

Can Afternoon GOD Tim Taylor sing a whole 10 second tune about ants? Of course, he can!

After Lisa had a rough weekend, she wanted Tim Taylor to sing about hangovers. And Tim Totally delivered! 

Eric is selling his beloved JEEP and he asked that Tim Taylor send it off with a 10 seconds song.

It's Marissa's birthday today and she wanted to hear BIRTHDAY in the song this morning. Tim Taylor nails it!

Today's 10 Minute Tune revolves around the disdain Tim Taylor has for Monday's. Should this be Monday's new theme song?

Afternoon mad man Tim Taylor writes a 10 second song with a word we give him. Today's word is SUNSHINE.

Are you giving up anything for Lent this year? Tim Taylor has a 10 second reminder of what you CAN'T give up.

It's Fat Tuesday so of course we had to theme today's 10 Minute Tune with Tim Taylor to it. 

Afternoon myth, Tim Taylor, wrote a 10 second Ode to Cookies today for the 10 minute tune. 

Today's word is RECESS. Let's see what the Master of Afternoon ceremonies can come up with in 10 minutes.