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Front line Friday! Delivering Lunch to St. Vincent Providence ICU department

Friday Pictionary! Nick & Kristen in the Morning #stayconnected

Food themed Pictionary! With Nick & Kristen in the Morning #stayconnected

Let’s play Pictionary!

A principal is making girls send her pictures of themselves in their prom dresses so that she can approve them

Kristen had a confession to make about her parenting this morning, so we invited you to share your anonymous confessions with her

Kristen had to spend the weekend at the Washington DMV to take the driving test and she FAILED!

7 WAYS TO GREET PEOPLE- we wanted to share 7 other ways you can greet without shaking hands during COVID-19

Did this dad do the right thing? He kicked out his daughters friend at 1am during a birthday sleepover

Help me teach the world to ZIPPER- Nick believes the world would be a better place, if we all knew how to zipper properly

Date Night- When is the last time you went on a date night? The average couple says 3 years

Weird Food Rules- Kristen hates folded meat? What? We talked about your weird food rules this morning

Billboard Mark-eting- Would you call someone who rented a Billboard looking for a relationship? That's what Mark is hoping for!

Kristen lost her wedding ring!

Nick eats jelly beans like an uncultured swine and claims to have a "delicate palet" but he's just lazy

Nick Snores So Loud!

Nick finally figured out what he is going to do after his radio career inevitably fails

I went behind Kristens back and seasoned the food she was making. Am I the only one who has done this?

Nick won't stop pointing things out

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