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What's it Like Being in the Portland Protests?

What's it Like Being in the Portland Protests? Nick and Kristen talk to KOIN Reporter, Jennifer Dowling to find out.
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Portland Long sign

Big Clean Up in Downtown Portland

Looking for a way to help out after the protest? Here is a way to volunteer.
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Help Save The Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo needs your help or they will have to close their doors.
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Portland Pink Ladies Sew 1,500 Masks

The Pink Ladies at the Portland VA Medical Center have given back in a big way.
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House Painting

Pick This Portland House Color

Nick and Kristen talk to Brian and Grace, who are asking the internet to decide the color of their Portland house.
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paint colors

Choose This Portland House Color

A Portland family has become an internet sensation overnight, and it's because of the color of their house.
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Rose Festival

Decorate Your Porch for the Rose Festival

You can be in the Portland Rose Festival this year. Just decorate your porch!
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Helping community

How to Help Your Community

Here is how you can help people in Portland during the COVID-19 crisis. https://linktr.ee/pdxmutualaid
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Portland, Coronavirus, jobs

We're Open and Hiring, Portland!

Below are businesses that are open and serving customers. There are even some businesses that are hiring! If you would like to add your business to the list or update your own listing, click Sign up or Login below. Loading... ​
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Mother holding child

Join the Positive Parenting Posse

Join this Facebook group to get insights on parenting.
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