WATCH: Kacey Musgraves covers 'Do You Realize??'

Kacey Musgraves had an electrifying performance at Bonnaroo, Saturday. It was made all the better with her surprise cover of The Flaming Lips track, "Do You Realize??" The original song packs a breathy psychedelic feel, while Musgraves' version packs in more hard hitting drums. What do you think of...
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Pineapple in Burritos Is Taking Over the Pineapple on Pizza Debate

I remember the first time someone asked me if I wanted mango salsa with my bottomless basket of tortilla chips; I was like, "excuse me? No, that's gross." Guess what? I was wrong. I ended up trying that mango salsa one day, first with my chips, then it escalated to tacos and what came next? The...
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